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Quik Trip Contract FAQ

Q: When will the sale be final?

A: Most likely before the end of 2019. There are several steps in the process when dealing with tanks of fuel, diesel and propane.

Q: When will the new location be built/done?

A: The new location will be breaking ground in the late spring/early summer. All operations are anticipated to be complete early 2020.

Q: Will you still have a C store at the new location?

A: As we continue to grow the Coop and serve our members needs a C-store is not in our best interest at this time. We will continue to have fuel pumps for your fuel needs as well as all of our delivery services.

Q: Will agronomy be moving?

A: No, Agronomy is in a great location to service our farmers needs.

Q: What services will you be offering?

A: We will have fuel pumps, delivery of gas, diesel, propane and lubricants to residential, farms, and commercial. Our agronomy center will continue to offer full service agronomy products and delivery.

Q: Did Quick Trip buy Aldi’s?

A: To our the best of our knowledge Quik Trip did not purchase Aldi’s.

Q: When will Quik Trip be open?

A: We don’t know. You will have to contact Quik Trip to find out.

Q: How much did the Coop sell for to Quik Trip?

A: Our of respect for both parties we cannot discuss the details of the contract until the sale is final and closing papers have been signed.

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